25+ Unique Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be Will Love

Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be
Unique Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for the father-to-be in your life and give a gift that will help make welcoming their little one into this world an extra special experience. Whether you’re looking for something unique, useful, or funny, finding great gifts can be tough. Thankfully we have put together a comprehensive list of Unique Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be! From stylish accessories like dad hats and wallets to personalized items such as keychains and mugs, each of these thoughtful gifts is sure to bring a smile to any future daddy’s face this Father’s Day.

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be an overwhelming task. Whether your dad loves tech gadgets, sports equipment, heartfelt handmade items, pampering products, or something unique to his interests and hobbies – there’s surely something out there that will make him feel appreciated. Make this year extra special by getting a one-of-a-kind present for your most beloved father. That can is Step Dad Father’s Day Gifts, Sentimental Father’s Day gifts For First Time Dad,… For more unique gift ideas and inspiration, be sure to visit our website to see other amazing Father’s Day gifts.

Personalized Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be

1. Pregnancy Announcement To Husband Canvas


Surprise the dad-to-be in your life with an unforgettable and meaningful gift! Our amazing pregnancy announcement to husband canvas is the perfect way for a wife to show her expecting husband just how excited she is to introduce him to his first child.

This special Father’s Day present features a sonogram print of the baby, along with a unique and personalized message from his other half. It’s sure to make the husband smile and offer a heartwarming reminder of the impending bundle of joy that awaits.


BUY NOW - 41.95$

2. Daddy I Can’t Wait To Meet You Custom Ultrasound Canvas

daddy i cant wait to meet you custom ultrasound canvas

Introducing Daddy I can’t wait to meet you custom ultrasound canvas! These father to be gifts from the bump will make Dad feel truly special, and show him how excited you are for him to meet his upcoming little bundle of joy! Whether it’s dad’s first experience with fatherhood or he already has other children, a unique keepsake like this custom ultrasound canvas is sure to bring a smile to his face on Father’s Day.


BUY NOW - 41.95$

3. Matching Shirts for Dad and Baby

matching shirts for dad and baby

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a Dad to be, then you can’t go wrong with matching shirts! Whether it’s a dapper dad look in polo or dad and baby sharing their love of nerdy fandom, there is something for everyone.


BUY NOW - 40.00$

4. Personalised New Dads Book

personalised new dads book

Are you looking for the perfect father’s day gift for expecting dad? Look no further than a personalized new dads book! This thoughtful present will bring delight and joy to your soon-to-be father with a beautiful story that celebrates his upcoming role as Dad. With delightful illustrations and an engaging story, this book is sure to become treasured keepsake item in no time.


BUY NOW - 34.94$

5. 1st Father’s Day Gifts from Bump


Welcome dads to the exciting journey ahead of them with this heartfelt Gift For Expecting Dad! Show your dad-to-be just how special he is on his first Father’s Day with this “I can’t wait to meet you Daddy” canvas print. This meaningful gift is perfect for showing him just how much you care and will come to symbolize his love and anticipation as their family grows.


BUY NOW - 39.95$

6. Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board


This Fathers Day, reward the special dad-to-be in your life with something they’ll cherish for years to come – an engraved bamboo wood cutting board! Not only will it add a special touch of sophistication and warmth to any kitchen, but it’ll make your favorite soon-to-be dad feel appreciated and loved – just what every one of them deserves on his first Father’s Day.


BUY NOW - 34.99$

7. Acrylic Heart Plaque


If you’re looking for unique and meaningful Fathers day gift for Dad to be, an acrylic heart plaque makes for a beautiful and heartfelt present. Let’s explore why it’s such a great choice as a Fathers Day gift! Whether used in his study as decorative wall art or placed on his mantelpiece at home, this intricate heart plaque will remind him every day of how much he is loved by those around him.


BUY NOW - 39.95$

8. Daddy I Can’t Wait To Meet You Custom Ultrasound Photo Pillow


Dads-to-be, get ready to experience pure joy with this special gift! Introducing the daddy I can’t wait to meet your pillow – the perfect memorable Father’s Day gift from the baby bump. This unique pillow lets your little one add their own special touch to dad’s favorite chair or bed as a loving reminder of all the exciting moments he has yet to come.


BUY NOW - 39.95$

9. Dad to Be Custom Ultrasound Photo Gift

dad to be custom ultrasound photo gift

Looking for the perfect father’s day gift for dad to be? Look no further! Our First Father’s Day Baby Sonogram Canvas is a special, unique way to help him celebrate his very first Father’s Day. Put your favorite ultrasound photo of your little one-to-be on a beautiful canvas, and add a personalized touch by including your dad’s name across the top! This touching memento will make for an extra special Father’s Day, one that he’ll look back fondly on for years to come.


BUY NOW - 39.95$

10. Personalized Custom Ultrasound Keychain


As an expecting father, there is nothing quite like being able to look at and cherish all the special moments that come with being a new dad. Get Dad To Be a stunning new customized ultrasound keychain – the perfect Father’s Day gift. This personalized keepsake will remind him of this precious time in his life; no matter what stage in the journey he is at now!


BUY NOW - 13.99$

Funny father’s day gift for expecting dad

11. Copy Paste Shirt Set


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone should be thinking about ways to show how much they love their dad. If you are looking for a unique Fathers day gift for Dad to be, look no further than our Copy Paste Shirt Set! Not only is it incredibly stylish and trendy, but it also comes with two shirts – one for Dad To Be and one for Dad To Match.


BUY NOW - 18.65$

12. Daddy To Be Socks


When it comes to shopping for Fathers Day gifts, it’s important to find something meaningful and unique to show the special dad-to-be just how much you care. What better way than some fun socks with the message “Daddy To Be” written right on them? Not only are these cozy comforts perfect for adding some style to daddy’s wardrobe update soon after creating his “dad” fashion statement; they can be kept and cherished by dad long after making those official fatherhood steps!


BUY NOW - 14.99$

13. Baby Scan Photo Mug


The Daddy I can’t wait to meet You mug is a heartful gift this Father’s Day to let him know just how excited you are for him to meet his little bundle of joy! On this delightful mug is an image accompanied by sweet text that reads “Happy 1st Father’s Day Daddy I can’t wait to meet you”. This funky mug is an adorable way to let your expecting dad know that you can’t wait to see them become a father.


BUY NOW - 29.95$

14. Dad To Be Necklace


Dads-to-be have a lot of responsibility coming their way: sleepless nights, diaper changing, not to mention the immense amount of love and pride! Now is the perfect time to get a special dad to be father’s day gift to show them just how much you care. A Dad To Be Necklace is a beautiful and highly thoughtful way to celebrate this very special event. This simple yet stylish piece of jewelry offers an elegant reminder of the joys as well as all the hard work ahead, they’ll face when welcoming their bundle into the world.


BUY NOW - 265.00$

15. Promoted to Dad 2023 Sweatshirt


Fathers Day is fast approaching and if you’ve got a dad to be in your life, then what better way to celebrate them than with the perfect Fathers day gift for Dad to be? Introducing our new Promoted to Dad 2023 Sweatshirt – it’s sure to become their favorite go-to for Father’s Day celebrations and beyond! Not only does this cozy sweatshirt keep them warm on days spent with family and friends, but the stylish yet simple design also makes a powerful statement of love.


BUY NOW - 34.99$

16. Beer Glass For Dad


Father’s Day is approaching and it seems like every year it can be hard to find that perfect gift for the dads in our life. But if you’re looking for a special, unique Father’s Day present your search should definitely include this beer glass! Not only is a beer glass an excellent practical Father’s Day gift idea for any dad-to-be or beer enthusiast but it comes with a heartfelt message that will show how much thought you put into his special day.


BUY NOW - 25.00$

17. Papa’s Coffee Spoon


There’s nothing quite like a dad’s special touch, whether it be an Italian salsa-making demonstration or the way he holds his coffee spoons. Give Dad something this year that will show him just how much you care – one of Papa’s handmade custom coffee spoons. He’ll love that they’re made from stainless steel and then handcrafted with love to create a lasting gift specially designed for him in every detail – the perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad To Be!


BUY NOW - 17.99$

18. Bump Boxes Dad To Be


Are you trying to figure out the perfect fathers day gifts for expecting fathers? Look no further than one of Bump Boxes Dad To Be, a subscription box crafted especially for the daddy-to-be. Packed with quality and high-end products, each unique box is tailored to fit his individual needs and wants at this stage in life.


BUY NOW - 52.99$

Useful father’s day gift for dad to be

19. Ergobaby 360 Standard Baby Carrier

ergobaby 360 standard baby carrier

The Ergobaby 360 is a great gift for an expecting father this Father’s Day. Not only does it provide dad-to-be with quality comfort and support while toting around his baby, but it also has the capability to be used after the baby is out of infancy stages as well!

With superior ergonomic back panels that offer hip comfort, adjustable lumbar support, and improved hardwearing buckles for easy access adjustments – not only will your dad love this useful addition to his parenting toolkit – he’ll thank you every day!


BUY NOW - 139.00$

20. Embroidered Adjustable Dad Cap


Why not make your upcoming Father’s Day something extra special with an expecting fathers day gift: this eye-catching Embroidered Adjustable Dad Cap? Not only will this practical yet stylish hat help them to adjust to being a dad it also has multiple uses.


BUY NOW - 20.99$

21. Engraved Ebony Wood Phone Docking Station


With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not give Dad something he can cherish and use for years to come? A custom-engraved Ebony Wood Phone Docking Station is a perfect way to show your appreciation and love for the special father in your life. Not only does this one-of-a-kind gift make everyday tasks easier, but it also will have a touching sentiment engraved on it that no one else has.


BUY NOW - 41.99$

22. Silk Sleep Mask


Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect gift for Dad-to-Be. If you’re looking for something practical yet unique, why not consider a silk sleep mask? Not only is it fashionable, but also incredibly comfortable as well as being beneficial in helping your dad get better quality sleep. So take this Father’s Day opportunity to show your appreciation by gifting him with a luxurious, handmade silk sleep mask he will love!


BUY NOW - 10.99$

23. Pajama Set


Father’s Day is the perfect time to express your appreciation, love, and gratitude for all that dads do. A pajama set could be just what Dad needs! Not only will he stay comfortable through those long nights, allowing him a restful sleep, but you’ll also show how much thought went into his special day. A Father’ day gift for Dad to be or veteran fathers alike, this type of present has everything going for it as it’s stylish yet practical.


BUY NOW - 160.00$

24. Personalized Baby Scan Fathers Day Print


This Personalized Baby Scan Fathers Day Print is the perfect way to celebrate his first Father’s Day: a unique gift that he’ll cherish forever. This special gift for a new dad is sure to make any expecting dad smile, featuring the adorable message “Daddy I can’t wait to meet you”!


BUY NOW - 39.95$

25. Versatile Sleek and Modern Diaper Bag


Are you looking for the perfect father to be gifts that can be used daily and won’t break the bank? Look no further than a stylish, versatile, and modern diaper bag. With its unique features, design, colors, and range of usage possibilities; it is an ideal choice for any new dad-to-be in your life! This thoughtful gift won’t just help out during diaper changes but will carry all the everyday necessities such as phones, wallets, snacks and much more.


BUY NOW - 29.99$

Whether it’s his first or tenth time celebrating as a father, this list can help guide you in selecting one of the Unique Fathers Day Gift for Dad To Be that stand out from the crowd. In addition to the traditional items, there are some more unconventional options that can be just as meaningful. As we know, being a parent is often filled with countless moments of joy and happiness, and now is an excellent opportunity to show Dad just how much he is appreciated.

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