25+ Unique 23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas Surprise Your Partner

23rd Anniversary Gift
Unique 23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 23rd anniversary is a special occasion worth celebrating, and what better way to show your partner how much you care than with a thoughtful gift? Whether you’ve been together for decades or just a few years, you can find the perfect present for the special someone in your life.

If you are planning a special surprise for your partner on the occasion of your 23rd wedding anniversary, why not give them something unique and meaningful? From custom jewelry to personalized items and everything in between, we’ve rounded up thoughtful 23rd anniversary gift ideas that will make this year’s anniversary one to remember. These presents have been carefully selected for their sentimentality so pick out the perfect gift for your beloved today!

What are standard Anniversary Gifts by year?

Whether you’re marking your first anniversary or 50th, anniversaries are fantastic opportunities to celebrate the milestones of a relationship. And what better way to do this than giving that special someone the best personalized anniversary gift? But with so many choices out there, it can be hard to decide on just the right thing. Luckily, many couples often follow one of the accepted traditions about which presents should be bestowed for each year together – but what exactly are these standard anniversary gifts by year?

For example, 1-year wedding anniversary gifts are paper, 10-year wedding anniversary gifts are Aluminum, 33 year anniversary gifts are Amethyst, and 36 year anniversary gifts are bone china,… So What is the standard gift for 23 year wedding anniversary gift? 23rd wedding anniversaries are no exception, traditionally celebrated with a gift can made from precious sapphire stone and silver plate – beautiful and incredibly meaningful at the same time!

23 year Anniversary Gift for Husband

1. Custom 23-Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas

custom 23 year anniversary photo collage canvas

Are you looking for a Unique 23rd wedding anniversary gift for him? This Custom 23-Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas is a fantastic option! Let your partner know how much you love them with this unique canvas.


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2. Custom Location Map print

custom location map print

This beautiful heart map print is the perfect gift for traveling couples. The 23rd-anniversary gifts map print can be customized with your anniversary map and a picture of you and your partner, with special heart-shaped details to mark all those special places for couple happiness. Whether they’ve been together for 23 years, this is a gift they will cherish forever.


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3. 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Stemless Wine Glass


A stemless wine glass engraving with a personalized message makes an incredible 23 year anniversary gift that is sure to make your spouse feel loved and cherished forever.


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4. Personalized Custom Key Chain Ring Engraved Calendar


Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to commemorate a special occasion, such as your 23rd wedding anniversary? Look no further than a personalized custom key chain ring engraved calendar! This thoughtful gift has endless possibilities with its customizable message, so you can make the perfect present to honor and celebrate the one that you love.


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5. Personalized Leather Wallet

personalized leather wallet 1

With our personalized leather wallets, you can give a truly unique present that will last just as long! No two wallets are exactly alike and with these options, you can add extra personal touches which make this the perfect gift. Celebrate in style with a meaningful and classic 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift for him that they will treasure forever!


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6. Heart Shape Photo Collage

heart shape photo collage

Creating a beautiful heart shape photo collage for your loved one as an expression of love can’t be wrong. This heart shape photo collage will be one of the perfect 23rd wedding anniversary gifts with a romantic heart shape design and the meaningful message “I love you for all that you are”. Let’s capture the sweet moments of the past years with your loved ones with this heart shape photo collage.

Benicee. com

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7. Personalized Date and Initial Hoodie


Are you looking for a meaningful gift to show how much you care? A personalized hoodie makes the perfect 23rd wedding anniversary gift! It is an especially thoughtful way of showing that special couple just how much they mean to you. Whether they’re celebrating their first or twenty-third year together, this customized hoodie with their names and date of marriage will be sure to remind them each time they wear it, just how much love remains in their relationship.


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8. Men’s Leather Bracelet

mens leather bracelet

A leather bracelet makes an excellent choice for a meaningful 23 year wedding anniversary gift that symbolizes comfort and warmth and is sure to be treasured by the recipient. Whether he prefers rugged or refined styles in accessories, you’ll find there are several beautiful options sure to show how much he means in both subtlety and distinctiveness.


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9. Hello Will You I Do Map Night Sky Print

hello will you i do map night sky print

This Hello Will You I Do Map Night Sky Print makes a romantic gift for a wedding, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day for your husband. Record the day you hello, will you, I do. So let your love shine like your lucky stars. It’s a charming and sentimental piece that will certainly become an instant keepsake and stand the test of time.


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10. Metal Bookmark with Leaf Chain Personalized

metal bookmark with leaf chain personalized

Celebrating 23 years of marriage is a big deal! This milestone deserves recognition with an extra special gift that honors this special occasion. A personalized metal bookmark with a leaf-chain detail not only symbolizes your momentous union, but also serves as a thoughtful and unique reminder to always keep the page of love turned within your hearts.



11. Custom Street Sign Canvas

custom street sign canvas

Tell your beautiful story through this personalized 23rd anniversary gift for husband. With the names of the couples and the important date you share, this custom couple gift canvas print is an exquisite way to celebrate your partner’s wedding or anniversary.


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12. Song Lyrics On Canvas With Picture


Song lyrics on canvas with picture design create a striking contrast that nicely showcases your special lyrics. Your loved one will be proud of this beautiful anniversary gift. Song lyrics on canvas with the picture is not simply song lyrics but also contain a photo capturing your happy moment. This work of art is truly a precious symbol of love to be treasured for many years to come.


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13. Our Love Written in Stone for 23 Year

our love written in stone for 23 year

Go all out and celebrate your love by giving each other the perfect 23 year wedding anniversary gift – a custom engraved memorial stone showing off the beautiful thing of your love.


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Best 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for wife

14. Customized 23rd Anniversary Gift Print


For the fairytale couple in your life, this 23rd anniversary gift is sure to be a hit! With personalized photos and names, this beautiful canvas will look great hanging in any home. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation for the one you love, and it’s sure to be a cherished gift for years to come. This stunning piece of wall art is sure to become a cherished part of your home, and it makes the perfect addition to any anniversary celebration.


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15. Family Tree Photo Collage Canvas


Showcase your wife this Family Tree with Pictures, perfect for displaying your most cherished memories and your families legacy. With photos and names that can be customized, our Family Tree Photo Collage Canvas is a great 23rd anniversary gift for every family. Whether you’ve got a handful of your favorite photos or a camera roll full of them, here is a perfect idea for gathering them all into one thoughtful Family Tree Photo Collage Canvas.


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16. Personalize Photo Music Plaque


Whether an anniversary is near or far, there is no better way to express your feelings of love and appreciation than through giving a thoughtful and personalized gift. What better way to do this than creating a unique decorative piece with photos and music notes? At the press of a button our personalized photo music plaque is sure to bring joy & smiles for many years!


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17. Amethyst Heart Necklace Sapphire


A thoughtful and meaningful gift is essential when coming up with the perfect 23 year wedding anniversary gift. One way to show your loved one just how much you care is by finding a unique piece of jewelry – an amethyst heart necklace set in sapphire. Amethysts have long been associated with purity, strength, and courage – all qualities that are invaluable for any celebration of love and commitment.


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18. Custom Multi Location Wedding Anniversary Gift


This unique custom multi-location wedding anniversary gift canvas also makes a thoughtful anniversary gift for your wife. You can give this on their wedding day as a constant reminder of your love. With this custom multi-location wedding anniversary gift, your bedroom will be surrounded by the sweet memories of the happy day met, engaged, and married. A few minutes before falling asleep, let’s look back on the sweet moments you spent together.


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19. 23rd Anniversary Necklace


You and your significant other have been together for 23 years, and if you want to give them something they’ll always remember, look no further than a personalized 23rd anniversary necklace. These necklaces are great gifts because they showcase timeless love with beautiful designs that will last forever.


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20. 23rd Wedding Anniversary Luxury Candle

23rd silver plate wedding anniversary luxury candle

Perfect for a more romantic celebration or simply to bring light into any space, this luxurious candle will shine its soft glow upon all those around it – reminding everyone why it’s so special that this couple has achieved 23 years together!


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21. Heart Song Lyrics With Photo


Record a special song of your relationship with our unique heart song lyrics with a photo. This meaningful and personalized gift is the perfect way to show someone how much you care and to celebrate a meaningful moment. Whether it’s a song that keeps special memories, a love song favorite song, or a tune that evokes happy thoughts, this heart song lyrics with a photo is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that anyone who receives it will cherish for years to come.


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22. Sterling Silver blooming rose Stud Earrings Jewelry

sterling silver blooming rose stud earrings jewelry

Our sterling silver blooming rose stud earrings make the perfect present for any occasion! Whether you’re looking to show your undying devotion through these timeless flowers or searching for an unforgettable 23rd anniversary gift – we guarantee you won’t go wrong with this exquisite pair!


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23. Wedding Location Map Print


A personalized design with your favorite places and images. Choose the city associated with your memories as a way to keep the memories forever. With the rustic wooden background and simple layout, it’s one of the perfect 23rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. No matter how long they’ve been together, surprise gifts always make each other feel appreciated.


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24. Sunflower Personalized Street Sign Canvas With Names


Tell your beautiful story through this Sunflower Personalized Street Sign Canvas With Names. You can tell your spouse how much you treasure every second you are together. Featuring couple names and the important dates you share, this Gift for Couple is a sophisticated way to commemorate a wedding or anniversary for your partner.


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25. Sapphire Ring Unique


Sapphires have been a symbol of love, commitment, and loyalty for centuries. The classic blue gemstone is especially meaningful as a gift on the 23rd anniversary: it’s an enduring reminder of your bond in marriage, one that will last anytime you catch a glimpse of this extraordinary blue stone. What better way to show your partner how much you care than with a unique sapphire ring?


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Whatever you decide on, giving a thoughtful gift that celebrates your significant other’s style will surely be appreciated. With this list of the 25+ best 23rd anniversary gift ideas, you can find the perfect surprise for your beloved one. For those who still haven’t found what they were looking for or want to explore more anniversary gift collection options, we’ve got just what you’re searching for. So don’t hesitate further and check out our selection now!

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